[sap-log-sd] STO Problem (China)

Posted by sgururaj
on Nov 11 at 12:17 AM
The requirement is during STO billing, "Sales revenue' & 'COGS' should be
The STO is b/w 2 plants of same co cd.
I am aware that in std/usual STO process, the 'sales revenue' & 'COGS' are
NOT hit.
This is for STO in china. (Golden tax)

The questions are :
By deactivating 'statistical' against the 'basic price', 'Net value' in
billing doct will be calculated..right?
Is COGS amount taken from VPRS value?

By doing the above steps, I can get "Net value" calculated in the doct &
also VPRS.

What exactly are to be done in VKOA for the above to get automatically
posted? Which table to use in VKOA (among 1, 2 ,3 4 & 5).

Requesting an expert to guide me on this.

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