[sap-log-sd] Pricing Condition to if All Material Line Items meet Criteria

Posted by rubitoncek
on Nov 21 at 1:22 PM
Hi Experts,
My client has a requirement to pick a header freight pricing condition (header group condition) only if all the materials in the sales order have a particular Level 2 product Hierarchy. If at least 1 line item in the sales order does not have the required product hierarchy the system will not calculate freight. A requirement routine has been created to check line items in the sales order . The following code was introduced to the routine to dynamically check the material line items while creating the sales order:

lc_xvbap(17) type c value '(SAPMV45A)XVBAP[ ]' and the program loops through this table to check the line item product hierarchy and see if it is applicable for freight.

Problem with this code is that when the user deletes a line item and changes it for another material then (SAPMV45A)XVBAP[ ] does not get refreshed automatically unless the order is saved. This means that order can look as if freight has been picked incorrectly. Is there a way to ensure SAPMV45A)XVBAP[ ] is refreshed straight away?

Many Thanks
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