RE:[sap-log-sd] Why is an Access Sequence Client Independent?

Posted by HarshaHalyal (Mr)
on Nov 20 at 8:53 AM

Client independent is work bench configuration, access sequence belongs to work bench configuration. Client dependent is suppose if u have different clients like SDD100, SDD200 SDD300 in your development server if u do some configuration in any one client then it will reflect in all clients. Some other example for client independent are ABAP programs, standard tables, pricing tables, pricing acc sequences...etc. Client dependent is contrary of client independents example for this are order types, item categories, schedule lines, pricing conditions, pricing procedure....etc

Remark if i am wrong

Harsha Halyal

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Subject: Why is an Access Sequence Client Independent?

Why is an access sequence client independent? Any others in SAP SD which are client independent?

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