RE:[sap-log-sd] Use Custom Field from Different Partner Function in Pricing

Posted by LCC352 (Sr. Mgr, ERP/Financial Systems)
on Nov 28 at 9:53 AM
In the sales order, these are the 16 exits available:

SDAPO001 Activating Sourcing Subitem Quantity Propagation
V60F0001 SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan
V46H0001 SD Customer functions for resource-related billing
V45W0001 SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item
V45S0004 Effectivity type in sales order
V45S0003 MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration
V45S0001 Update sales document from configuration
V45P0001 SD customer function for cross-company code sales
V45L0001 SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)
V45E0002 Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)
V45E0001 Update the purchase order from the sales order
V45A0004 Copy packing proposal
V45A0003 Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A
V45A0002 Predefine sold-to party in sales document
V45A0001 Determine alternative materials for product selection
SDTRM001 Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check

There are also 2 BADI's:

BADI_SD_SCH_GETWAGFZ Scheduling Agreement: Read WAGFZ from S073
BADI_SD_V46H0001 SD Customer functions for resource-related billing

One of those 18 places is where you will have to code your change.


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From: sisonkemdala
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 9:46 AM
Subject: Use Custom Field from Different Partner Function in Pricing

I have a scenario where I need to use a custom field for pricing from a different partner function in pricing.

Basically I have a sales discount that is dependent on a custom field in a particular partner function (ZX) in the sales order. So the discount will only be granted if the custom field has a value of say 01 and that the partner function must be ZX.
If the conditions are met then the discount must be applied in the sales order.
My question is how or do I proceed? I have added the custom field to the field catalog and am now not sure at what point must I fetch the field from the ZX partner function.

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