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Posted by Dutch
on Nov 20 at 5:28 PM
You describe a standard rebate scenario, except that you want to manually determine the rebate amount at sales order entry stage. So add a rebate condition type to your pricing procedure, do not assign the standard requirement 24 to the line, and create a rebate where the rebate recipient is the 3rd party agent.
May I just add that this forum should not replace proper training and education in SAP. Also it helps one's personal professional development in SAP if one tries to design a new process first before asking a forum for help. Learn how to fish and you won't have to ask for fish.

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Subject: Third Party Agent Commission

Dear experts,


I have a scenario whereby we do give commission to our third party agents. We want to built system such a way that while generating sales order itself we will be able to enter some amount manually through pricing condition or any other way which should be having a link with it's own g/l in which the amount will be accumulating and the value which was entered in sales order should not have any impact on it's original invoice pricing.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Please advise how can we built this in SAP

Best regards,

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