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Posted by sapsd_learner (SAP SD Consultant)
on Nov 15 at 1:11 PM
In simple terms, if the production is done based on the sales order, then it is an MTO. Ex: A Variant config could be a make to order scenario, where we choose the particular combination in the sales order, from a set of variants and order them for production.

An MTO could be a) with assembly - variants or b) without assembly.

Basic Configuration Settings:
1. The item category is TAK
2. The schedule line category is CV
3. The item category group in Material Master should be 0001 or 0002

Please refer to 2272 for a detailed explanation.

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Subject: Make to Order for Sales Order

Hello, I have few questions as follows :-

1) How is make to order configured. Can someone tell me the config settings for the same as far as sales order is concerned. How does the system know that a particular order is make to order ?

2) For MTO, while doing the PGI, I think the accounting entry is debit to cost of goods sold and credit to inventory account. My question is how does the system allocate the cost of goods sold to sales order ?

3) What is account assignment category in case of MTO and what it tells the system?

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