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Posted by sapsd_learner (SAP SD Consultant)
on Nov 7 at 5:31 AM
My apologies for the wrong example.

The system calculates backward scheduling as follows:
• Requested delivery date minus transit time = Goods issue date
• Goods issue date minus loading time = Loading date
• Loading date minus transportation lead time = Transportation scheduling date
• Loading date minus pick/pack time = Material availability date

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I have few questions as follows:-

1) The sales order passes the requirements to MRP.If that is the case, then why the delivery (for same sales order ) also passes the requirement to MRP.

2) I could not understand the concept of res-scheduling of deliveries from Can someone pls explain.

3) How can the planned goods issue date and actual goods issue date be different. if the stock is available but we if defer the PGI, don't you think that stock can be taken away by some other sales order/delivery ?


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