RE:[sap-log-sd] Customer Down Payments

Posted by KatherineP (Associate Business Analyst)
on Nov 14 at 6:11 PM
Thanks for the input.

I created and order with item category TAO. The values used in the sales order are as follows:
1. Billing plan type 01- Milestone Billing
2. Start date 11/11/2011
3. First line billing date 11/16/2011, 10 %, Billing value 61,12 GBP, Billing plan Rule 4, Billing Type FAZ
4. Second line billing date 11/20/2011, 90%, Billing value 550.09 GBP, billing plan rule 4, Billing Type F2.
5. When I create the billing document (FAZ) all the line item pricing conditions show green but if I check each one of them they have the statistical flag checked. They are not statistical in the sales order. The net value in the billing document is 0. The condition value shows the correct amount but the total net value for the document is 0.

Do you have any other suggestions why the conditions are all statistical? BTW, I changed the billing date to the past, current, future and nothing changes.


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Subject: Customer Down Payments

When creating a down payment request thru SD all the pricing conditions are statistical and the billing document does not release to accounting. What do we need to do to be able to release the down payment request to accounting? We are using billing type FAZ and item category TAO.

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