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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 7 at 1:20 AM
Hi Dutch,

Another interesting post by you :)
Thank you for it!

I have done a test and seen that in VFX3, G2 is described as "Order-related billing document" and RE is described as "Delivery-related billing document". But this is inconsistent with the following -
- I have created CR order and then on the basis of the order created G2 bill. Same thing for RE bill, it has been created with reference to RE order (at this moment, I haven't created a LR delivery). Thus both CR and RE are Order related billing documents
- In VOV7, item category, the field billing relevance for both G2N and REN is order related billing
- In the orders (credit memo request and return order), at line item level, Tab Status, field Order related billing is present. This is shown ONLY if bill is order related (and not shown if bill is delivery related)
- In VTFL, there is NO REN setup for LR --> RE, but it is setup in VTFA (order related billing) RE --> RE, REN

From ALL the above points, I feel the description of RE in VFX3 is inconsistent and incorrect.

Please give your comments.

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Subject: Billing Types G2 and RE

Hi TW,
In listings such as VFX3 you'll find that a G2 is described as a "order-related billing document" and a RE as a "delivery-related biling document". This is part of the non-configurable definition of the billing type. Also compare F5 and F8 (they are both pro formas, why have two?).

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