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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 21 at 7:14 AM
Hi Kenan,

In VOV4, when you command the system to give you a popup, by clicking button position. Basically here you can set for ALREADY existing values. If you want to create new values, then this popup is NOT the right tool.

Copy a line in VOV4, change the values you want to change. And there after when you use popup to search ALREADY existing values (value combination you have made)

If you question remains unanswered then please explain more.

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From: Kenan A
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 7:06 AM
Subject: Assign Items to Item Categories

Hi everyone,

I want to ask question about Item Assignments. I want to assign Item Categories on Category sets window I filled all fields and click assign. There I want to add Items but can't do it. There is an error like this: 'No entries found for List of Values'. Please assist me.


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