Re: [sap-log-sd] Item Category TAD not Defined

Posted by payal_sharma
on Nov 17 at 6:01 AM
Actually the business process of the organisation is of a conversion agent
(Pickling/ slitting are process done to coils which are dispatched to
customer directly). But the organisation want to track the quantity
dispatched and service rate of Pickling/slitting to be charge on the quantity dispatched.

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Subject: Item Category TAD not Defined

Hi Sumanth.G,

Could you please explain why you think this?

When there are NON deliverable items e.g. text items, if user wants to create a delivery for clarity in accounting purposes then at item level field "Relv. for Delivery" is used. If we read the F1 documentation give for this field, SAP says choose either field Relv. for delivery OR Schedule line allowed.

If you think we have discussed this issue and further discussion shall NOT be beneficial, then we could let this point go :)

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