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Posted by bill.burns
on Oct 5 at 9:58 AM
V_V2 is designed to confirm available product to orders based on the rules as they are established in your availability check. Depending on what is included, this could mean allocating newly received inventory, or newly posted shipping notices, or removing commitments based on other changes, such as stock loss, or cancelled orders.

In addition to simple re-evaluation, you can also use it to re-assign product based on priorities, so that an order that was confirmed yesterday has been 'bumped' by a new order with a higher priority.

The basic settings are: material and plant. Depending on how many materials and orders you have you may not want to try to run a whole plant in foreground (could time out).

You can include sales orders, stock transport orders, or both (checkboxes).

Unconfirmed documents required means 'skip the item if there are no unconfirmed orders'

Simulation means just what it sounds like - you can "test" the results without updates.

Sort order determines the sequence for assigning stock.

Important to note that (as I understand it) the program first determines what materials fit the selection criteria, and then it processes the entire order. You could change lines for materials not in your selection criteria.

Make sense?

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I have to test back-order processing and transaction code V_V2. What is the purpose of transaction code V_V2 and how the option boxes are checked?

Thank you.

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