RE:[sap-log-sd] SD Document 12082 is not in Database or Has Been Archieved

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 13 at 10:19 AM
Balakrishna B,

In VA02, please go to your sales order, item level, Tab Conditions; there is a button Analysis click that.
Check what message the system has given for PR00 (e.g. Condition record missing or manual condition etc.) This message shall give you the clue to carry out the next steps.

Also post that message here, so that we can help you.

In any case, in VK13, check if the condition record has been maintained for condition type PR00.

Furthermore, in item category in VOV7, there is a field "Pricing" check what is given there. If it is blank, then the values of prices, discounts etc. in Tab Conditions shall be zero.
There are other values possible e.g. X = standard, B = pricing for free goods.

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Subject: SD Document 12082 is not in Database or Has Been Archieved

Now "SD Document ***** is not in Database or Has Been Archived" error is not coming.
Only thing is Condition type PR00 is not triggering automatically. Every time I need to enter the condition type pr00 manually if I want to create delivery and billing.

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