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Exclusion indicator is a different concept from Exclusion group. In a condition type, in V/06, in the field "Exclusion" if you press F4, one of the options is X (Net price). I shall take this (x) to explain the concept of Exclusion indicator.

Your pricing procedure has the below condition types -
#5 ZPR0
#10 ZK04, requirement 2
#12 ZK07, requirement 2
#15 ZK05, requirement 2
#20 Net vaule

condition records are -
ZPR0 = 100Euro
ZK04 = 10Euros -
ZK07 = 10% - = 9Euros -
ZK05 = 5Euros -
Net value for 1EA = 76Euros

If in V/06, for cond type ZK04, you have activated field "exclusion" = X Net price. Then the condition records following ZK04 and having requirement 2 shall be DEACTIVATED. Thus the Net value shall be 90Euros.

This exclusion indicator can also be given in the condition record VK11.
Business example -
For Material M1 company decides there shall not be any customer discount or customer - material discount. Then for ZK04 in VK11, set exclusion indicator. The Net value in the sales order shall populate as 90Euros.

After few months, company senses that the sales of this material is not going as planned and additional discounts shall boost sales. The user goes to VK12 for ZK04 and deactivates the exclusion indicator. By that the Net value shall become 76Euros.

So, to conclude, the exclusion indicator, EXCLUDES the condition types FOLLOWING the condition type that has the exclusion indicator activated provided the correct requirement is set for all following condition types in the pricing procedure.

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Thank you TW.

I got it done yesterday and working fine now while testing. Where I missed was I created two exclusion groups Z001 and Z002. In excl group Z001 I assigned ZK01 and ZK03 and in excl group Z002, I assigned ZK03 and ZK04. And messed up.

I tried all potential combinations of condition types and finally got one working.

Now I still has one doubt. There is an Exclusion indicator in V/06 in Control data 2 tab for condition types. Currently, it is blank in all of my condition types. When do we use this indicator?

Thank you so much.


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