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Posted by Dutch
on Oct 5 at 6:43 PM
Hi Daniele,
It would be hard for an item to be both relevant for delivery-related billing and billing plan-related billing at the same time. Instead of a user exit to "cheat" SAP why not investigate either the use of a priced delivery docket or pro forma invoice (if the requirement stems from needing to supply an invoice-like document to the customer after delivery).

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Subject: Delivery Not Relevant for Billing With Position TAO


I have a problem with deliveries for which invoice status is not relevant for billing. The cause of this is Billing Relevance defined in item category (TAO) and it is 'I - Order-relevant billing - billing plan instead' of 'A - Delivery-related billing document'. The reason for this is down payment process and billing plan functionality. I want to have one sales order from which i can to down payment request and afterward a delivery and invoice. The problem is that delivery is not a billing relevant document because of the statuses of the fields VBUK-FKSTK and VBUP-FKSTA. Is there a user-exit or some other functionality to use to 'cheat SAP' or to change statuses of these field?

I'm not sure - are these field copied form sales order to delivery, or they depend on item category of the document? I tried to change item category in delivery through debugger but the result is the same. I suppose that some of the following ideas would help:

1. After down payment is created, in sales order item category is grey so somehow I need to allow it for changing - how?


2. When creating goods issue for a delivery for witch item category is 'TAO' change statuses of the fields (which User Exit?)


3 . When creating invoice to put in some user exit (which?) condition:

IF item category = 'TAO'

If you have any other ideas please let me know.

Thank you in advance,

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