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Posted by srini
on Nov 1 at 2:41 AM
No should have a material variant created already.

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Subject: Automated Material Variant Creation


Is there an automated way to create material variants once a configuration is entered on a sales order, if one does not already exist?
Take an example, I have configurable material ComputerA which is a laptop computer. Say there are two possible configurations, 2GB of memory or 4GB of memory. Let's say that I have a material variant already for the 2GB configuration, and say that I called it ComputerA_2GB. If I were to create a sales order for ComputerA and configure it with 2GB of memory, then I could have my item category set to swap in the the material variant ComputerA_2GB automatically.
Now assume that I create an order for ComputerA but configure it with 4GB of memory. I have not previously created a material variant for this. Is there a way to have ECC dynamically create that material variant and swap it into my line? So the process would be: create line item for configured material, if material variant exists, swap in, if material variant does not exist, create the material master for the variant and then swap that material in. Is there any way to do this without custom code?


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