Re: [sap-log-sd] Warning vs. Error Message in In-completion Procedure

Posted by SAP_OTC (SD)
on Oct 31 at 3:43 PM
Hi Typewriter, thanks for your reply.

The problem is not so much saving the Document without assigning the field.

The problem is, that field triggers the proposal of two other values in the Sales Document, this proposal is in a User-Exit. If the User populates the field after entering the Material # then the proposal doesn't take place and the User ends having issues during the Shipping Process.

What I wanted to do is that as soon as they populate the main Order Entry Screen with Sold-to, Ship-to, Material # and press Enter, instead of getting a Warning Message saying "Enter Order Reason", I would want that message to be an Error, that way they have to enter it right there and the proposal still takes place OK.

They do enter the Order Reason; but sometimes as I said, they enter it at the end of the whole Order Entry Process and at that point the Enhancement doesn't go back to propose the values that I need. I'm trying to avoid further coding, I guess I could code something in the User-Exit SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE; but if I could get that Warning to be an Error then I could avoid extra coding.

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The effect of error message (in my opinion, that means that the sales order cannot be saved) can be achieved by activating field "Incompletet. message" in your sales document type in VOV8.

By tick marking this field, if the sales order is incomplete, then user cannot save it or go forward, in the process. Please test this, if it fits your requirement.

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