Re: [sap-log-sd] Include Tax in the Header of the Sales Order

Posted by mkarthi_eee
on Oct 31 at 2:45 AM
Hi Syamala,

To include TAX amount VBAK table.

1. Take ABAPers help to include field for tax amount VBAK table.
You can find tax amount field at header level as well in conditions TAB of sales order header.
To maintain it in? VBAK table you have to add?custom field(add-on field ) in?VBAK table.

2. Please check for include program MV45AFZZ? in T.code SE38.?In this include you can find specific routine for the field at header level to pass the value?to table VBAK. For same requirement you have to write a specification and pass it to technical consultant.

Please let me know in case of any help.


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Subject: Include Tax in the Header of the Sales Order


Please suggest how to include the field Tax amount in the header of the Sales Order - VBAK. What are the configuration steps. What enhancement should I do and which user exit should I use? I am unable to figure out and this is a little urgent.

Thanks and Regards,

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