Re: [sap-log-sd] Block the Sales Document for Billing

Posted by barbarabarreiro
on Oct 18 at 4:10 AM
Thank you all for your answers, we need to make a proposal the client area, so
that during the billing process that lasts a couple of hours no one can
touch sales orders except throwing the billing process. For people who
make this
process a transaction that will enable or block, transactions VA01,
VA02, or sales
orders, either the user or users who routinely create or modify orders. I
think it's more feasible to block users after a spin, what do you think you?
Is there any function or user by which you can facilitate that transaction to
the end user so they can make the block directly?

Thank you all again.

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Subject: Block the Sales Document for Billing


In case I got your thinking .... Billing Block in Sales Order - Header Level.

Hope to be useful.

Marcelo Preuss Nunes

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