[sap-log-sd] SAP-SD Secondary Sales Scenario

Posted by nathresh
on Sep 20 at 9:58 PM
I am dealing with a brewery company.
He has this process for sales distribution.

>Company--> Distributor-->Secondary distribution happens to Outlets, Super markets etc"

We do have a third party software to track and maintain distributor network.

The requirement is that the company directly deal with the Outlets on Volumes for sales and accruals which will be shared across with the distributors.
(Also there are some incentive schemes based on secondary sales volume).

Do we have any functionality in R3 / work around to track secondary sales.
One way could be -if the distributor has some system , then we can use BW to get the information)
We use:

third party----> SAP-----> BW systems currently

Looking for the solution
Thanks for the help.
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