Account Determination Error

Question from  Archita Prakash

Hi all,

We create tax codes through FTXP and then using OB40 assign G/L account to the service tax.

When I perform VF01 I get an error " Billing document saved but no accounting document generated".

Using VFX3 i release the billing document to accounting, I get an error message "error in account determination: table T030K key CAVV OT1". ( CAVV is our chart of account and OT1 is condition type for service tax)

Diagnosis reads as : In the chart of accounts to be posted to, no accounts are defined for the tax code you used". but in OB40 a G/L account is assigned to the tax code used. In the tax code the service tax percentage is also maintained as I use on the sales dox.

Kindly advise where am i going wrong.



Check in your tax code under FTXP, whether you have activated any other elements. If so, system checks for GL a/c for those elements also. You need to de-activate those extra elements in the tax code.
For service tax only three elements need to activated viz. service tax , Education Cess and SHE Cess.