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Posted by LaurieCrow (SD Functional Analyst)
on Aug 11 at 5:02 PM
We use the sales order type CQ - Quantity Contract to reserve the stock for the customer. Then we use sales order type OR-Standard Order to call stock from the contract to be processed and shipped per the dates on the Standard Order. This will work for stock already in the distribution center as well as for Purchase Orders scheduled to arrive in the future. Stock reserved on the customer-specific quantity contract is not available to be sold to anyone else. It may consume all or part of that future PO. Hope this helps.

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Subject: Reserve stock for special or big customers

There are certain special customer (big customers) who should be given highest priority for their orders.
Current process:
Based on these special customer order, purchasing team have to block existing stock in the warehouse and also ensure incoming PO (purchase order / STO) stock is also blocked or reserved for these customers. And when we confirm the sales order for these customers the blocked stocked is automatically picked.

How can we handle this process in SAP WM ?
Is there a way to block the stock with out using the "Blocked stock category" in SAP, as this will block the stock for all orders and when released to unrestricted it is available for all orders. Instead is there any option / process in SAP to reserve or block existing stock or incoming stock for these special customers only?

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