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Posted by LaurieCrow (SD Functional Analyst)
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Budgie, thank you for your message. I will certainly consider it as I investigate all of my options and try to get the business to specify their requirements. I suspect that I will need the returns movement types as you mention. I suspect that I will also need two or three pairs of movement types for different combinations of several order reasons posting to several different GL accounts. Frankly, I was trying to do this only with configuration (preferable SD because I have no MM training) because I do not have an ABAP'er on staff and my ABAP skills are limited. Every time we "hard code" things like this it means additional maintenance in the future as new order reasons or new GL codes are added/required. But, if I can figure out the ABAP code once, I can do my own edits later. I will definitely look into your solution and present it to the business at the meeting next week. Thank you!

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Subject: Accounting Postings - Goods Issues performed in Shipping

How can I control the G/L to be posted when performing a Goods Issue in Shipping? Specifically, would like to control the "GBB" - Offsetting entry for Inventory Posting" portion of the process.

Currently SAP posts to the G/L Account based on the Automatic Determination configured in the "Valuation and Account Assignment" section of Materials Management, so, for Transaction "GBB" is looking for Account Modification "VAX" as specified in Transaction OMWN - "Define Account Grouping for Movement Types" for Movement Type "601".

For certain Sales Scenario, for the Offseting Entry, my Client wants to post to specific G/L Accounts for the Goods Issue depending on the "reason" why that Sales Document is being created.

The "different reasons" are being created as "Order Reasons" in Sales and assigned when creating the Sales Document, so, it's not directly related to the Customer and / or the Material, a specific Customer and/or Material could be used under a different Sales Document where a different reason was used and the posting should go to a different G/L Account. On the other hand, the Order Reason doesn't really have any impact in MM's Account Assignment.

Is there anything SAP Standard that could help me accomplish this? Maybe some other field instead of the Order Reason that could help me control what G/L to post to?

In the OMWN Transaction - "Define Account Grouping for Movement Types", there's an indicator that says "Check account assignment" and it says that if the indicator is set, the system checks whether a G/L account or an account assignment has been specified on the Item screen. If so, the system copies this data to the posting line. What do they mean by the "Item Screen"? I went to the Sales Document and the Delivery Document and I don't see anything at the Item Level where I can assign a G/L Account and the only Account Assignment I see is in the Order; but that's for Billing purposes, not for the Goods Issue posting.

Any ideas on how I could handle this will be greatly appreciated.

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