Batch management in sale order

Sap Question from rahul g

Every time when I raise sales order I am specifying BATCH number manually in the line item Batch field.I would like to know the automatic process ( the system should propose the Batch number when I enter material).

Solutions ( By rory.goodwin and sanjay )

In most cases batch determination is configured at the delivery document level since you have the option of choosing batches using batch split functionality and batch search strategy . Example if the order quantity is greater than the batch quantity the system will give you a delivery control option, in such cases you can
choose batch split functionality and choose the order quantity from the available quantity .

After setting up the Item Category procedure, try this path SPRO for the Sales Org.
Logistics - General /Batch Management /Batch Determination and Batch Check /Batch Search Procedure Allocation and Check Activation /Allocate SD Search Procedure/Activate Check