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Posted by Typewriter
on Jul 30 at 11:24 AM
Hi Mike,

Updating document flow (or in your words "tie back") is configured in one of the fields of copy control at item category level.
E.g. in VTLA, for sales doc type --> delivery type, at item category level, field "Update document flow" is activated then documents can be seen "connected" in VBFA and in VA02/03 icon "document flow".
If you deactivate field "Update document flow", in table VBFA, putting sales order # as preceding doc. System shall not give you follow-on document.

I have tested your above issue, it seems OK. When I give follow-on document #, I see all the preceding document #s in VBFA.
In your issue, are all documents having the same item category?

While testing, in order to answer your query, I came across the below question.


I want to "deactivate" update document flow between delivery and bill for an item category (say e.g. ZTAN). Where can I do that?

In other words in table VBFA when I put "Follow on" document as my invoice #, I do not want to see my delivery # as preceeding document.

I have checked VTFL, at item category level, there is NO field as "Update document flow"
also I have checked VTFA, at item category level, there is NO field as "Update document flow"

(in VTAA and VTLA, at item category level, there is field as "Update document flow" - but this is not an issue)

Please help.


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Subject: Sales Order Copy with Reference

SAP SD Guru's,

Is it standard functionality that when you copy with reference that the subsequent documents are tied back to the order that was copied from?

Looking at the document flow and table VBFA I see that with our KIT type orders especially.

The Deliveries and Billing Documents that are created are linked with the order that created it and the sales order that was copied from.

Browsing the VBFA table.

Enter the billing document number in the subsequent Document will show results of all KIT orders that were copied from a master document.

I only checked a few standard sales orders that were copied did not result in all preceding documents that were copied from.


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