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Posted by Typewriter
on Jul 29 at 9:12 PM
Hi Laurie,

Could you please explain further as to how AMIW & AMIZ shall address the business requirement?

With condition type AMIW one can ascertain the minimum order value. E.g. If in VK11 for AMIW minimum order value is ascertained as 1000Euros; when a sales order is created - in VA01 - with Net value = 650Euros, this order shall have minimum value of 1000Euros and NOT 650Euros.

The business requirement is for a sales order with a particular incoterms an additional surcharge (freight cost) must be added "automatically" (not manually).
E.g. sales order, net value = 200Euros, with incoterms = AAAA; surcharge = 10Euros
sales order, net value = 5000Euros, with incoterms = AAAA; surcharge = 10Euros


Would you please answer q 1 from my previous post?
If your sales order has line items with different incoterms (AAAA and non AAAA) then it could be "more complex", to allocate the surcharge among the different line items.


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Please look at standard condition types AMIW and AMIZ. These condition types are marked for Group Condition (you might also need a GrpCond Routine) and AMIZ refers to AMIW in the RefConType field in the Master data section. This combination of settings will give you the functionality you need. If you search this site for those condition types, you will find other conversations (one of them is mine) that talk about how these work. Good luck.

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