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Posted by Typewriter
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The decision of creating 2 or 1 tax condition types depends upon -
- Tax law in Spain
- Complexity of calculation of ZWST (recargo de ......)
- Need to see, to what degree of detail

I think creating 2 Tax condition types would be the way to go forward.
Some of the settings are - assign both condition types to country OVK1, assign both condition types to your pricing procedure & maintain relevant records for both condition types.

The advantage is you can see & print both condition types in bill. "Easier" set up of Tax settings - i.e. Condition records, Tax classifications (in MMR, CMR)

Please give more information about "Complexity of calculation of ZWST (recargo de ......)"; in other words - how many Tax classifications would MMR, CMR have for the values of this type of tax?


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Hi SD people,

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a pointer for this issue.

SAP standard documentation is utterly vague and I haven't found anything specific in the IMG to configure the Spanish sales equalization tax (IVA repercutido + recargo de equivalencia), eg. 16% + 4%.

Do I have to define two separate VAT conditions (MWST and ZWST), one for the 16% and other one for 4%?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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