RE:[sap-log-sd] Document XXXXXXXX saved (no accounting document generated)

Posted by SAPnina
on Jul 31 at 7:11 PM
I am facing the same problem. "No accounting document generated". Where should I check first, profit center, account determination??
What is the difference between credit note and credit memo??
Should the creating be automatic or is there any check in configuration that makes it manual??
Thanks in advance

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From: Isaac Pena
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:03 PM
Subject: Document XXXXXXXX saved (no accounting document generated)

Greatings ,,,
Looking forward to clear up thei issue. The AR rep. created a "Debit Memo" to charge some repair services creating a "ZXXX" Debit Memo doc type business as usual. No issues with that, the billing and accounting docs where generated, no concern so far. Now, for some reason, the business wants to issue a "Credit Memo" back for a portion of the previous charge. The user generated a "ZXXX" Credit Memo document and when she wanted to post it, delevered an error "Document XXXXXXXX saved (No accounting document generated) I have reviwed the ZFX3 in order to get into the details, and seems that form some reason is considering a different Profit Center from the one that I have in my Material Master ,,, any clues where I can see the PC determination ??

I really appreciate your time and concern on this

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