RE:[sap-log-sd] How to make multiple invoices from single invoice?

Posted by Typewriter
on Jun 30 at 7:27 PM
Hi RaviRaj,

By configuring Periodic billing plan, you could meet your business requirement of One sales order and multiple bills.

In your post you say that your company has Periodic billing plan; & for every you are creating a sales order and a bill. Why?

If you are asking for steps to configure Periodic billing plan, then it is part of standard functionality. Please refer to SAP help material - a/pdf/SDBIL/SDBIL2.pdf

Two helpful links with regards to your business requirement -



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From: Ravi Raj
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 2:59 AM
Subject: How to make multiple invoices from single invoice?

A big hello to all the experts,

Please advise on the following...

We are having order related billing..every month we are making order & with this ref, invoice. We have periodic billing plan.

How to make" multiple invoice from the single sales order for every month. ( for e.g for a year contract,every month we will make a new invoice with the the same sales order")


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