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Posted by rajivvarma (call center management)
on Jun 1 at 12:51 AM
Hi All,

My requirement is to create "license revenue report through SAP Query with following fields:

Sales Document,Sales Doc type,net value of sales order in document,sales org,distribution channel,division,sales office,business area,customer purchase order number,customer purchase order date,sold to party.
Sales document item,target quantity in sales units,target quantity in UOM,usage indicator,billing block for item,business area,plant(own or external),
origin of bill of material,net price,SD document currency,material pricing pgroup,account assignment group for this material,activity type,personnel number.
contracts start date,contract end date,date on which contract is assigned.,installation date,agreement acceptance date
clearing account for accrued revenues,clearing accountkey(offsetting account),total accrued value,currency key,amount in document currency,posting year and posting period.

revenue amount,currency key,accrual period,company code,country of destination,profit center,posting year and posting period,amount in document currency,gl account,account for deferred revenue,account for non billed receivable

Is there any standard logical data base which gives all the required fields mentioned above? since i am not SD consultant i am not sure whether i have to take only above tables exactly or not

there are certain logical databases like SD_ORDER,SD_SALES_DOCUMENT which has tables VBAK,VBAP,VEDA but i am unable to join remaining tables VBREVE and VBREVK with those logical data bases

Please throw some light on this.



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Given the tables you say you need to join, there is no one way to join them so that you will not get duplicates. You have to attack the tables one at a time after the initial pull from VBAK/VBAP and figure out which records you really want based on the data you see coming from the database. Maybe you need a field on one of the other tables that is duplicating, but it's the same value in each row in the other table. If that's the case, you can take one value and throw the rest away.

I hope that helps. - Lou

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