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Reply from saps on Feb 3 at 12:39 AM
yes. hi. try doing this.
Enter price in 'conditions' in MM01/MM02 for $900. Save. Then enter VK11/VK12 for $36. Save. Check the VK12 price.
Then reverse it. Enter price in VK12 for $36 and then in MM02 for $900. Check VK12 again.

For the first case, the price $36 would be considered. For the second case $900 would be considered.

Thanks and regards,

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From: Simin George
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 1:38 AM
Subject: Variable Order Unit

Dear Gurus..........

I have given $ 39 for EA and put another unit as CAR ( 1 CAR=25 EA) in Material Basic.
In the inforecord I had given the Price as 1 CAR= $900, in "variable order unit" i had given active (1) and generated PO for 10 CAR but system reflect amount of $9000 only instead of $ 9750 (250*39)
When i give "Active with own price" (2) same amount is shown again just as for "active (1)"

I dont know why the system is showing the same amount for both the options , i also want to know the any other method to correct the same.

Thanks in advance.................

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