RE:[sap-log-sd] Setting batch printing job to print invoices?

Reply from britte1973 on Feb 10 at 4:23 PM
You need to setup your output conditions records for your Bill To (vv31/vv32). If you have them set to the printer (medium 1) and have the output set as immediate (timing of 4) and have your communication method setup to go to your printer CORP01, when your invoice is created, your RD00 output condition will be proposed and saved at the same time. You do not need a batch job. It will automatically print. I hope that helps! Are you saying you do not want your invoices to print upon creation, and you would rather have a spool job that will do this for you? Thanks!

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Subject: Setting batch printing job to print invoices?


We have a printer at corporate office. Name of the printer is CORP01. I want 20 invoices to be printed in that printer for testing purpose. Out basis team has configured the printer in SAP and I can view the printer in VF02-->Goto Header-->Output-->Communication method.
In VF02 goto header--> output-->RD00, I selected the printer and clicked 'print immediately' and saved. I came out of the document completely and in VF02 (Change billing document screen) for the same billing document, I selected billing document-->issue output to-->RD00-->Print.
I did it 20 times for 20 documents.

Now, I don't understand how to set up batch job and get it printed?

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