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Reply from Adriano on Feb 11 at 2:01 PM
Hi Explorer,

I am just interested in the data set up and the process related with hierarchy.

I also did the following settings but partners are not determined at sales order. Will you please help on this?

- Created a parent at Z012 account group (Hierarchy node), say customer 100
- Created a child at Z001 account group (to use as sold-to), say customer 101
- In VDH1N, I assigned hierarchy type 'A' with 101 as lower level child and 100 as higher level parent.
- In SPRO-->SD-->Master data-->Business partners-->Customers-->Customer hierarchy-->Assign customer hierarchy type for pricing by sales document, I assigned hierarchy type 'A' to my document ZOR.
- Partner determination procedure for for ZOR is TA which already includes 1A-1D partner functions.

But, when I create sales order ZOR with 101 as sold-to, I don't see any hierarchy functions in the order. What I am missing?

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Subject: Customer Hierarchy and Partner Function

Dear SAP Gurus,

I known many people have asked this question before. But there weren't any replies for this question. Hence want to ask once again.

I have maintained customer hierarchy 1A in IMG and created customer hierarchy master data in SAP ECC. Also maintained the hierarchy through VDH1N

The problem is when I create an order, the hierarchy data is not copied into the sales order. I tried to manually assign 1A hierarchy and the customer into the customer function view, an error message appears as following:

" Partner from function customer hierarchy 1 can not be processed online."

Can anyone advise me on how to maintain the partner determination? Also do I need to maintain the partner functions 1A or 1B on customer master.

Thank you very much.

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