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Reply from Abracht on Feb 16 at 12:32 AM
Unfortunately I don't have access to a system in the moment
but I can tell you the following :
obviously you enter or maintain prices in THB - correct ?
When you enter a sales order the document currency is US$,
so the system converts THB amounts into US$. I would have to
check if the system already checks in VA0x existence of US$ / RM
rates ... I'm not quite sure

Later on in invoice system has to convert the document currency values
(US$) into RM (which is obviously your company code currency).
In standard SAP it's using the "M" rate type for this conversion, therefore
you get this error message. Sure there are impacts for your financial
reports (normally then shown in RM), therefore maintenance of "correct"
M-rates between US$ and RM is important. Even conversion rates between
THB and US$ have to be "realistic", otherwise you would charge your
customer "unrealistic" US$ amounts.

In my opinion US$/RM rates have to be maintained on a daily base,
if you need even daily rates between THB/US$ it's rather management
decision, here I know companies which are using just monthly rates

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From: shahida ismail
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 11:31 PM
Subject: Error on Exchange Rate

Hi experts, I'm getting error on exchange rate type M. I have created new currency type which is US$ to cater our new criteria on currency used.currently our currency is in THB and converting to US$ (our customer's currency). our headquarters is in Malaysia (which using RM).
the problem is, when we want to create invoice error "Enter rate US$/RM type M in system setting" and no accounting number is generated. I don't understand, is there any connection between US$/RM/THB?
if I maintain this, is there any effect on our financial reports?
Please help, as i don't have any idea of this.

Thanks in advance.


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