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Reply from saps on Jan 3 at 12:40 AM
But I have a question: what is Dch.Conds, Dch-Cust/Mt, DvCon, Dv-Cust and what's relationship between them? What's the logic run in the process?

Yes you did pick up the right link.

Let us take an example. We have one sales org. Sorg1, 3 Distribution channels (DCh) Dch1, Dch2, Dch3 and 3 divisions (Dv) Dv1, Dv2 and Dv3.
So the sales areas would be
Sorg1 Dch1 Dv1
Sorg1 Dch1 Dv2
Sorg1 Dch3 Dv2
Sorg1 Dch3 Dv3
Are we not duplicating the work and also duplicating the database by maintaining so many Price Conditions, customer masters, material masters, etc. for all the relevant sales areas. In order to reduce our work, we maintain common distribution channels and divisions so that if we set up a price for the common Dch and common Div.

Let us say the common distribution channel we set up is Dch1 and the common div. we set up is Dv1, then we need to maintain Vk11 only for that SA : Sorg1 Dch1 Dv1. All the rest of the sales areas will have the same price conditions set up for the common sales area.

Dch Conds - Distribution Channel Conditions
Dch Cust - Customer Master Data
Dch Mt - material master data
DV - Division.

Kindly let me know reg. any more clarifications.

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From: Marlkoos zheng
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Subject: No display of Sale Area when creating material/customer

Hi, I got a problem. I have defined the Sale Area by TCODE: ovxgn, and then I started to creat the material by TCODE:mm01. In the view of Organizational Level I wanted to use the Sale Area (Sales Org. & Distr. Channel) which specific to that material, but when I used the search help there is no display of that Sale Area ( Only Sales Org. display ) . How could this happen?

The problem is also subject to the TCODE:vd01 / xd01 when I tried to creat a custome

Is there anything wrong with my configuration in IMG?


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