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Reply from phanindravyas on Jan 20 at 1:54 AM

1. Issue FS to FI to create credit control are:
2. Assign CCA to CC
3. Assign CCA to sales area
4. Assign CCA to customer (XD02 in sales area data/in billing tab)
5. Raise FS to FI to create risk catgeories
6. Create credit group(SPRO/SD/Basic function/creditmgt/risk mgt)
7. Specify in FD32
8. Verify active credit check activated or not in /NVOV8
9. Verify above also in Item catg.functionality

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From: tarun273001
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 3:10 PM
Subject: credit limits

Dear toppers
Please tell me how i can set the credit limits for new customer, whats T.Code for this purpose.If i use the T.Code fd32 this is only for change but i need to set for credit limit to new customer.
Second thing is it possible to set Static & dynamic credit limits both for one customer.
Please reply soon.

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