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Hi Laurie,

Currently I feel that there is a definite scope to make the requirement clearer and easier to understand.

Please provide an example, demonstrating the requirement.

Please comment on my understanding of the requirement -

1. ONLY for sales orders with Materials M1, M2 and M30, the condition type with value = ZERO SHOULD BE populated in the sales orders, at line item level, in Tab Conditions.

2. In these sales orders, user should be able to CHANGE the value to some positive value (from ZERO).

Currently my SAP system is not working or else I would have tested this with standard configuration.
I think with Condition technique, condition record, configuration in condition type and pricing procedure this requirement can be met. The configuration step have been mentioned by you already.

I suggest you do the test once again from the beginning step of creating a new condition type, condition record, configuration in condition type and pricing procedure.

Please update us of the results, and the exact ERROR MESSAGES with error message number(s).

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From: Laurie Crow
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 2:24 PM
Subject: Condition Type Upper and Lower Limits

I have a condition type that is set to Condition Class A-Discount or surcharge, Calculation Type B-Fixed amount and is Negative only. It has an access sequence so that I can create condition records for select materials at $0.00. This restricts the condition type to appear only on the selected materials and allows the dollar value to be entered manually during order entry, which is our business requirement.

I want to make it required that a value "greater than zero" be entered for this condition type but only if this condition type appears via the existing condition record. I have been unsuccessful using pricing procedure manual/required settings and also with condition type changesmanual entries settings.

So, I was hoping to use the condition upper and lower limits. However, I am having difficulty getting those settings set correctly because my values are all negative. I know that I have to stay on the same side of zero, but nothing I have tried is working. Lower Limit won't let me enter a positive nuber. Upper limit of $0.01 tells me that my condition record rate of $0.00 is no longer valid and automatically enters a value of -999999,999.00 in the Lower Limit field.

Can anyone help me with this? Or is there another way to accomplish my goal?

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