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I have come across Invoice done before PGI (can't remember the exact
mechanics - whether it is a custom billing program or simply innovative
configuration - can find out if needed). This replaces the pro-forma
invoice in effect by setting up a posting block automatically. When the
user is ready to post it to accounting, the block is removed and the
posting is done with the desired posting date.

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Subject: Functional problem with Pro Forma invoices and Cash In Advance

Hi Rory,

A question of discipline, keeping the current process unchanged -

An example -
The business created a proforma and later a billing document, for the same delivery.
Proforma #99000001, later billing document #90000087 (F2 billing type)

Customer makes a payment with reference to proforma #99000001
SAP user can NOT make an entry for payment made on a proforma. He/she has to find out the "actual" billing document and make a payment on that i.e. #90000087 in SAP and communicate this back to the customer.

On the other hand, the customer has to be "educated" that in addition to making reference to Proforma, the billing document number MUST to be mentioned, in case of ANY correspondence.

The different number ranges and description of billing types shall help in differentiating both proformas and actual billing documents.
E.g. proform starts with 99
actual billing document starts with 90

Conclusion -
1. Build in SAP - if required -
- The discipline for the data entry users to update (payment related etc. etc.) data in the actual billing document & NOT in the proforma (related to the billing document)
- Develop / enhance SAP system, if in the proforma or the billing document, the billing document numbers must be automatically populated (so in VF03, billing doc #90000087; the proforma # #99000001 is automatically populated. For example as header text or...., depending upon the business process - it should be at the header or item level.
- Configure output so that in proforma, the billing document number is clearly output & vice versa. Also sending this output via email to customer (after updates)

2. "Educate" customers -
- customers please always mention the 90 number, without which "processing out not be final".
- This of giving some incentives to customers who follow the new* regulation. (mentioning the actual billing document # in their correspondence)

Please list all the case the customer communicates with your company. We shall see if the above solution fits each of the cases.

Also convey your concern with regards to the above suggestion.

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