Re: [sap-log-sd] Functional problem with Pro Forma invoices and Cash In Advance

Reply from sarat on Jan 17 at 1:49 PM
Dear Mr. Typewriter and Mr. Eklavya,

Interesting discussion. Innovation Vs Convention. Honestly, my expertise is not enough to side with one.

But just want to share my perspective.

By creating a billing document, we are setting a timer for our customer, ie terms of payment. The mail purpose of billing the customer after goods received by him is to give him time to liquidate, keep his margin and pay the rest to us. By this way, we can reduce the inventory levels of the dealer or stockist or who ever it is and make it more profitable.

This is more important in cases where, after doing the PGI, goods take good 5-7 days, eg overseas customers and heavy goods that cant be transported through air.

Regarding the below requirement, it is all about country laws, unless we know it thoroughly, it would not be appropriate to offer a solution.

Please feel free to share your views. Also welcome experts who have dealt with this before and found a solution. It would be a very good learning.

Warm regards,

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From: Eklavya
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:46 AM
Subject: Functional problem with Pro Forma invoices and Cash In Advance

Hi Typewriter,

The above explanation is fine, but I would like to know what conclusion can we come to?

Is it that:

1. Commercial invoice should be allowed to be done at any time (before and after PGI)
2. Is this the only workaround available or do you think any other way can also be looked at

One other question which I would like to ask is:

How can we create multiple invoices and then limit the creation of accounting document to only one ?

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