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Reply from Dave Thornburgh on Jan 24 at 9:05 PM
Pamela -

It's just the way SAP works. If you make a sale, you sold it to someone. Someone is going to have to pay for it. You have to be able to mail the invoice somewhere. If you deliver anything, the delivery has to have a destination address. As far as the IDOC goes, same sort of concept. Output is something produced by the system to communicate from you to someone (you create it in their language, send it to their address, etc.). The partner fills the role of 'someone' in all of these cases.


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Subject: Freight Forwarder in Delivery

Hello All,

There is partner determination in sales order/deliveries/shipment etc. I have following two questions.

1) What is the business and technical use of have partners in the documents. Let's say delivery documents. if there are no partners in the deliveries documents. What impact will it have from business point of view and technical point of view.

2) We want to trigger an outbound idoc from delivery document to our "freight forwarder". I can just create a partner profile for freight forwarder and then create output records and can trigger an output, but for idoc to trigger, do we need to have partner function for freight forwarder in the delivery document? If yes, why?


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