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Posted by adrianolopez
on Dec 9 at 10:07 PM
Thanks friends.

The process is working as per TW's suggestion - marked as best answer.

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From: Adriano Lopez
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Subject: Pricing Procedure for Indirect Sales

Hello experts,

We have a requirement like this:

1) Material X is sold to a dealer at $100 ( list price) - 10 (Discount) = $90
2) Dealer sells the product to end user for $50.
3) Dealer claims the loss he suffered (i.e. 90-50 = 40) plus 10% profit on his cost of $90.
4) Credit memo is issued to dealer to credit $49 ($40 + 10% of $90).
5) Sold-to record of both dealers and indirect customers exist in the system.

What would be the best way to issue credit to the customer through pricing procedure?

Thank you,


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