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Hi Salvatore,

In delivery there are two fields - Planned GI and Actual GI date. These two could be different.
In the delivery, the planned GI is taken from the sales order field "Goods issue date". This is the date proposed automatically by the system, it is dependent upon the settings in shipping point, route and backward or forward scheduling. BUT the Actual GI date is the date at which PGI is done. This date could be different from the calculated date by the system (i.e. Planned GI)

Please check which two PGI dates are different. If it is Goods issue date in the sales order and the Actual PGI date in the delivery then this is possible.

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Subject: PGI Date in Sales Order is Different from the Associated Delivery

I have a sales order with a PGI date that is different from the PGI date in the delivery by 2 days. Can you tell me what may cause this?

Thank you,

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