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Hi Saps,

If the configuration / settings are correct (i.e. schedule line category, item category) then the material type not being HAWA does NOT affect the third party process.

In our business process MMR with material type FERT is being sold both - sometimes - by the company itself (standard OTC process) and by third party vendor (during peak seasons, when the company's manufacturing capacity canNOT fulfill the customer's demands).
In this case, if the goods of the sales order is to be sourced from an external vendor, the item category is changed in the sales order is changed, that IMPORTANTLY changes the schedule line category and this is responsible for the "start" of the 3rd party process.

If you read the documentation of material type HAWA (trading goods), you can also have a business process as follows, which is NOT 3rd party process -
An electronics shop of HP sells computers manufactured by HP, along with these computers it also sells mouse, printers, scanners, screens etc. that are NOT manufactured by HP but are bought and then sold from this electronic shop. This process uses HAWA (goods like mouse, printers etc. etc.) but it is NOT 3rd party process but trading process.

Material type dictates what fields shall be there in the MMR. Ofcourse the information in the MMR has to be "in sync" with the processes to be carried out for those materials.

In business many organizations go for Z material type, and ascertain their own logic as to what material type shall be used for what process(es).

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If the material type for third party is not HAWA, then how would it affect the third party process?


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