Re: [sap-log-sd] SAP Invoicing - Need to Email Individual Invoices

Posted by sridharan_rajagopalan (SAP Functional consultant)
on Dec 14 at 3:14 PM
It doesn't matter at all. Generally speaking this is possible. However,
please check in your process flow - whether you do it manually or through
ALE when you reverse the goods issue and send the goods back to your
EWM. In case you are using the ALE, the appropriate IDOCs must be designed
for the flow from ECC back to EWM. Check with your technical guys for more


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From: cperkins
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Subject: SAP Invoicing - Need to Email Individual Invoices

Hi and thanks for responding. I should have said that we're using EWM in our warehouse. All of their activities are going through EWM and passed to ECC. Does that matter? Does the same process still apply?

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