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Reply from sridharan_rajagopalan on Dec 16 at 3:49 PM

With your posted query, I assume the following:

1.Your customer A is highest level i.e, parent customer and A1,A2,Etc are
assigned to the A as child customers.
2.In this scenario your customer A is main payer and A1,A2 etc having other
account groups(SP/SH/PY)
3.The credit limit set for A is common to A1,A2,A3 i.e if a credit limit
of $1000 set to A should be common for A1,A2,A3.I hope it is not the other
way i.e.$1000 shared by all the four customers with each $250??

With above assumptions, follow these steps:

1.You can create credit control record for A assigned with credit limits.
2.For other customers in the hierarchy,say A1,A2,etc maintain the credit
control record just for sake and do not fill any credit limits.
3.Now open the credit control records for A1go to fourth page ,select
EDIT-- > change credit acct...

4.Enter yes for the message " Changing the credit account requires data

5.Type your customer number A in the next pop-up window "change to the
credit account" and press Enter.

6.Now the credit control record for the customer A1 is maintained with
credit account of customer A.SAVE the document and repeat this procedure
for other customer numbers in the hierarchy.

7.In the customer master of A1,A2,A3,A4 maintain A as PY in the partner

8.Now test with your sales order with A1,A2,A3 for the credit limit warning

Here one thing I like to mention, to my understanding "Niether the credit
limits are divided equally among A/A1/A2/A3 nor each of A/A1/A2/A3
is allotted individual credit limits".For example, if u allot $1000 to A -
neither each customer receives credit limit of $ 250 nor the $1000 is set
to each one of A/A1/A2/A3.

Any customer in the hierarchy regardless of level can consume all the
credit limit set for the reference credit account(customer A) and by virtue
of this other customers may have warning /error message of exceeded credit
limit when creating new sales order.

Hope you have understood the above.Try this and mark the post as helpful if
it is of really of help to you!!!


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From: Arif Khan
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Subject: Credit Limits in Credit Management

dear i think you like as, you please make the A as the customer but you
change the all of the other customer A1 to A4 payer as the A in the
partoners when to create as and give a credit limit to A and all other A1
to A4 also partioner of the that limit and they can;t go out of it.

Arif Khan

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