RE:[sap-log-sd] Partially Save PGI for Outbound Delivery

Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 23 at 9:45 PM
Hi Siva,

1. ONLY after PGI is done, can the truck move ("first vehicle"), why is that?
2. If you have one delivery and the item thereof are loaded in two vehicles (trucks), then how does a user know what material went in Vehicle1 and what material went in Vehicle2?
3. One of my clients created partial deliveries (from sales order), each delivery was 1 vehicle full load.
4. Would it be possible, for your business to create a delivery per vehicle? What problems could occur?

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From: siva janu
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Subject: Partially Save PGI for Outbound Delivery

Thanks for the response. Basically they want to confirm the 120 line items want to send the first vehicle, later on they will confirm the remaining line items.
Issue is you cant to do the partial PGI, so you have to wait still the remaining line items to be confirmed. For that the first vehicle have to wait still the PGI is finished.

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