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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 23 at 7:31 PM
In standard configuration SAP has given "templates" (e.g. Sales doc type OR, delivery type LF, condition type PR00, movement type 601 etc.). SAP advices to copy the standard and if needed make necessary changes; to satisfy business requirements when ever possible. Rather than making from scratch.

The reason for this is less work, there might be settings in the background etc. these shall then also be applicable for the new entities created. E.g. Shipping point 1000 is assigned to plant 1000; creating a shipping point by copying 1000, new spoint = Z100 would automatically be assigned to plant 1000. No extra assignment step needed.

If business requirements permit, then copying pricing procedure RVAA01 would help in -
- general sequence of condition types e.g. first prices, then discounts, surchages, then rebates, then taxes, then cost and profit
- The combination of condition type, requirement, Altcaltype, Altbase type, Acc key are already created. No need to create new

But if the sequence of condition types should be changed, then one can start by making the pricing procedure from scratch.

Some times instructors tell students to create pricing procedures from scratch to get the practice of creating and understanding pricing and pricing procedure.

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Thanks TYPEWRITER let me add that idea. Its really worth full.

I have a question Why People copy pricing procedures why dont they create all the PP fields by themselves . Means why people copy RVAA01 to XXXXXX why not they create from scratch.

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