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Posted by HarshaHalyal (Mr)
on Oct 15 at 10:28 AM
Hi Aishwarya,
There is no storage location determination at Sales order level. Only we can enter manually.

Storage location will be determined at Delivery level only.
System does not determine storage location at sales order level. User has to indicate it at time of creating sales order. The storage location entered in the order item is copied into the outbound delivery. If no storage location for picking is specified in the order item, the system determines the storage location when it creates the outbound delivery and copies it into the delivery item. The system determines the picking location based on a MALA, RETA, MARA rule defined in the delivery type.
Storage location determination in Sales order is only possible via a user exit. You cannot configure storage location into sales order: you need to use user

Suggest me if am wrong.

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I have maintained rule MALA and also storage
conditions in material master .Then also the storage
location is not being determined in the sales order.
someone kindly advice

Thanks & Regards

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