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You get 2 thumbs up from me. Both excellent replies. Good work mate!

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From: Adriano Lopez
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Subject: Discount - Exclusion

Hello, I have a scenario similar to this:

Step 10 Price PR00
Step 20 Price PB00
Step 30 = Gross value PB00 if overwritten, otherwise PR00
Step 20 Discount 1 ZK01 - Automatic
Step 30 Discount 2 ZK02 - Manual/overwritten to ZK01
Step 40 Discount Subtotal 1 = Get value from condition ZK02 if overwritten. Otherwise get value from ZK01.
Step 50 Discount 3 ZK04 - Automatic
Step 60 Discount 4 ZK05 - Manual/Overwritten to ZK04
Step 70 Discount subtotal 2 = Get value from condition ZK05 if overwritten. Otherwise get value from ZK04.
Step 80 Total = Step 30 minus step step 40 minus step 70.

Up to step 30 I am ok. How to setup rest of the steps? I tried condition exclusion functionality but lost in the middle.

Thank you.

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