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Posted by Typewriter
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Hi Bob,

SAP has 3 pre-requisites for POD process -
1. Delivery item category must be set relevant for POD
2. Define "Reason for deviation" (IMG > LE>Deliveries>POD>Define Reason for Quantity Difference")
3. Customer MR, field "Relevant for POD"

For point 1. now I understand you have given POD relevant = V (Copy POD relevant from preceding document). & POD automatic = blank. With these values I am not getting any error.

I suggest you test -
1. the Return process with the document types & item categories & sch line category that already work for you (i.e. Normal process maybe with OR>LF>F2)
2. then test with OR>LF; but Order related billing F2
Of course make ZOR, ZLF etc. for testing; with exact same configuration (importantly 3 pre-requisites mentioned by SAP)

If above works & RE process (with RE>LR & RE) is not working, then it is something incorrectly configured in the RE process.

maybe 2. is NOT being "included" in RE process; which is a pre-requisite.

Why are you choosing - POD relevant = V (Copy POD relevant from preceding document). In your normal POD process do you use the same?

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Good Morning to all!

I would like to investigate the use of POD Relevant delivery for Return Sales Orders. To this point I have set the configuration for Item Type REN to "V" and made the receiving customer (one of our plants) Relevant for POD. There must be more to this as when I create the Return Sales Order and set the POD Relevant flag at the header it does not set the POD Relevant flag at the item level on the sales order. The delivery also does not set the POD Relevant flag. What am I missing?

Thank you

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